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We offer one-on-one music lessons, for $35 or schedule 3 for $100. We also offer group lessons at 10 dollars a person on a variety of subjects from music theory to guitar techniques!

Music Lessons

When learning an instrument, working with other musicians is invaluable in accelerating the rate of learning and creation. We are here to promote that collaboration with hands-on music theory and instrument lessons. Whether it's rhythm, chords, scales, or even jam theory, we are here for you. 

Music Teachers

Bobby Martinez (@Bob__Sharp)

Bobby playing a hot lick at jam night

Bobby Martinez is a musician with an extensive taste that spans classical, metal, choral, Celtic, bluegrass, EDM, and many other genres. From a young age, he immersed himself in the beauty of orchestral compositions, the energy of metal music, the emotive power of choral harmonies, and the enchanting melodies of Celtic traditions. This diverse musical journey has shaped his perspective and instilled a deep appreciation for the universal language of music and helped him recognize that music has the ability to transcend boundaries and unite people from all walks of life. 

Today, Bobby is a driving force in a developing music culture in St George Utah; he is a music theory teacher,  a cofounder of Wednesday Night Jam Night, and a beast on just about any instrument you put in front of him. Legends claim that he once played a solo that caused every rose within 5 miles to bloom out of season. It is also said he can drive his car by the pitch of his voice, and some swear they have seen him quietly sing the brown note into the ears of his enemies and walk away as the poor fool that chose to get on Bob’s bad side started to steep their socks. Some even believe he wrote the original Real Book.

Should you ever meet him on the street, be sure to give him a wave and make a song request, he will almost always oblige ya if he isn’t in a hurry! 

 Brady Jammin bass at Jamnight

Brady Iverson aka. Hideous Gomphideous

Brady's journey into music started with classical music on a nylon string guitar at the age of 12. He played Carulli, Sor, and Bach until he discovered guitar solos, namely those from Iron Maiden and Metallica but little Brady also loved him some Guns and Roses and Led Zeppelin, (what guitarist isn't obsessed with slash at least for a little while?

Eventually Brady got his hands on a ukulele and began to realize the intrinsic interconnectedness that is everywhere in music.He joined choir and started honing his voice, took up piano, and started to understand music at its fundamental levels. He continues to explore every aspect of music with whatever tools he can get his hands on. 

Brady released his first album in 2022 under the alias 'Hideous Gomphideous' It is cozy rainy evening music, and explores the sonic spaces that a single drop of water might pass through on its way through the entire water cycle, from the clouds down the mountains to the ocean and back up again. The Water Cycle, available on all streaming platforms. 

Today Brady is Cofounder of Wednesday Night Jam Night, and president of  Brady Iverson Aperture Artworks. He teaches music lessons, holds weekly free Nature Walking Tours around Washington county, and dabbles in music daily. Some say he is no longer allowed to play guitar solos on the beach because his bends are so luscious it sometimes causes whales to beach themselves. Some say he never liked the beach anyway. Some say he never recovered from hearing the fate of those whales and only plays guitar at least 300 miles inland. 

Thank you for being here, we are so excited to learn with you!