The Artist


Brady Iverson is a Utah-born photographer who
is best known for his distinctive use of texture and color. He grew up in nature, capturing the beauty and magnificence of the area he was born, for the majority of his life.

While home for Iverson resides in the heart of the west's most stunning desert scapes of St. George, UT, the freedom of the open road and of travel are a persistent temptation. A temptation which sometimes wins over.

Many adventures have been captured through his lens on long backpacking trips in Europe and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. His best known collection, "Travels of America" was captured while spent living in a van and shooting every single day for a year, on a self-guided tour everywhere west of the Rocky Mountains.

Iverson self taught the rules of composition, though simple means of will and desire to create. His style is highly influenced by his formal and passion-driven study of ecology, with specific emphasis on desert climates.

His mission is to influence the social conversation around sustainability, through photographs and stories to educate the planet's inhabitants on the changes it's going through. His art seems to aim the viewers attention to the beauty of nature and imply the importance of protecting it.