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Let's Go Outside!


Come and join me! Out amongst the flowers and the bugs there's so much to see!

Hi, I'm Brady! Natural science biologist and hardcore outside nerd.

I do nature walking tours in the St. George area at least once a week! I got my degree in the Southern Utah area, which included the study of zoology, botany, entomology, ecology, geology, genetics, chemistry, biology, ornithology, and evolution. I know a lot about the Southern Utah Ecosystem and I love to share how wondrous and complex this place is. 

My favorite thing is to explore the deep relationships within and between ecosystems, I think because we live in a desert people underestimate how diverse and beautiful the plants and animals around us are. In reality, we live in one of the most ecologically diverse areas in North America. There are stories and rich history to be found everywhere, especially in the rocks. There are amazing plants and animals abound, if you know where to look.

Out on a nature tour with me, you will learn about what animals live in what areas, the common and scientific names for many plants and animals and what they mean, uses and histories of local plants, how to identify tracks and scat, what cryptobiotic crust is, the epic tales that we can see in our local geology, how to find cool bugs and how to tell which ones to avoid (same with snakes), how to identify birds and bird calls, and how to explore this beautiful and delicate landscape without leaving lasting ecological impacts. 

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