Jammer of the Week: Hideous Gomphideous

Jammer of the Week: Hideous Gomphideous

Brady, also known as The Swampmonster, or Hideous Gomphideous in the music world, Is one of the cofounders of Jam Night. His music career started on guitar; first classical, then Iron Maiden and Metallica (that guitar solo obsession phase) but everything changed when he started listening to The Beatles. The music world opened up and Brady started exploring every Genre. Nowadays he enjoys and plays every style of music and instrument he can get his hands on. He released his first album last year - “The Water Cycle” under the moniker Hideous Gomphideous. 

Brady is a Biologist and renowned landscape and wildlife photographer. He dreams of one day doing ecological photojournalism as his full time job. 

He also runs “St George Free Tours Outside” in which once or twice a week he gives free ecology guided tours around St. George, because he believes that the more connected people feel to our ecosystem, the more likely they are to watch after it and be good stewards of the earth. He would love for you to join him!

Some say he can tell what species are in the area for an acre around just by putting his ear to the ground and listening for the vibes, and that he once learned a secret chord for teleportation, but forgot it. 

All we know is this - all Brady’s projects and more can be found at www.bradyiverson.com

    1. What do you play?
      1. Pretty much anything that’s not brass or woodwind. But I especially like guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, flutes, drums, and cello. 
    2. What was your first instrument
      1. Classical guitar
    3. How long have you been playing and how did you start?
      1. I’ve been playing for 17 years, my dad always had a few guitars around (including that infamous black strat sometimes seen at jam) and he learned about tabs one day, ended up teaching me, and got some classical tab books that I played out of for years. 
    4. Where are you from?
      1. I was born in utah, grew up in San Bernardino county in SoCal, moved back here about 7 years ago
    5. What do you do for fun outside of jam?
      1. Biology! I like to go on hikes and eat wild plants and look for fossils and ponder at evolution. I do weekly nature tours in and around Washington county utah, which you can find at bradyiverson.com
      2. Photography - is my oldest hobby and my most lucrative. I mostly like clilming up really tall stuff and taking big landscape photos but i’m not opposed to wildlife photos when i can get them. I am also a black and white film nerd. 
      3. Record music! I released my first album in 2022, it is on all streaming platforms - ‘The Water Cycle.’ by Hideous Gomphideous. 
      4. Tea, coffee, automechanics, engineering, graphic design, entrepreneurship, motorcycles, backpacking, cooking, website design, mycology, reading (especially philosophy and classic lit), podcasting,
    6. What is your favorite thing about your favorite instrument?
      1. Guitar is so beautifully designed. The scale length is perfect to for making almost any chord a breeze to play, in any left-hand position you have at least 2 of every note, which makes it so versatile. Speaking of versatility, guitar is almost unriivaled in the amount of sounds it can make, the keys give it a run for its money but can lack the raw expression that the guitar seems to actively encourage. I freakin love guitar
    7. What’s your favorite Song?
      1. The End of Abbey Road, starting at because and going all the way to the end. I swear it’s one song, give it a listen, it just doesn't quit. Quite possibly the best bit of music ever recorded.
    8. Greatest musical influences?
      1. The Beatles, John Mayer, Arctic monkeys, Andrew Bird, M. Ward, Alt-J, James Blake, Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar.
    9. What’s your favorite drug?
      1. H2O
    10. What’s the best live show you ever saw?
      1. Vulfpeck at the Teragram ballroom in Los Angeles
      2. John Mayer at the Verizon amphitheater in Irvine
      3. Arctic Monkeys at the Glass House in Pomona
      4. Ok Go on the Santa Monica Pier
    11. What’s your favorite thing about jam night?
      1. 2 things - first, all the amazing people i get to meet every Wednesday
      2. How much the music pushes me and how much I realize I can work on every time I get in the jam with these incredible musicians. 
    12. What’s your favorite jam night memory?
      1. When Zach gave me the teddy bear that was on my sweater and it was wearing the same sweater as that bear made from the same material. 
    13. What’s your best musical advice?
      1. Learn to LISTEN and predict what is coming up. Doesn't matter what you listen to, learn to notice the patterns and access them, that’s how you grow. 
    14. What’s your best life advice?
      1. Attachment breeds suffering, creativity cultivates happiness. 
        1. AKA high hopes, low expectations - key to a happy life. 
    15. If you could have 1 superpower what would it be and why?
      1. Flying - I could take the best gdang pictures ever all over the world. 
    16. How many highly tactical kung-fu raccoons could ward off with a baseball bat? Be honest. (Ty says 55)
      1. Dude like maybe 4
    17. Would you rather have a magic van that can teleport you anywhere you want and time travel anywhere you want, or a magic ring that when it touches a book you absorb all the knowledge inside?
      1. The ring, it’s less accurate data but that is vastly outweighed by the rate of data collection. Though I fear the novelty would run its course within a decade as you would run out of books to touch. Plus you could go into the future with the van, which could be utopia or apocalypse, it’s a big gamble. If utopia, you get massive data collection increase, if apocalypse, you are earth’s only hope all of a sudden which sounds like a giant pain in the ass. 
    18. If you had to live in a cage for the rest of your life, would you rather the bars be horizontal, or vertical?
      1. Horizontal because then I could like, hang stuff up?
    19. Would you rather have bananas for fingers or pineapples for feet? They regenerate each day (this one is 50/50 on 60 surveys at station 2
      1. Pineapples for feet for sure, I use my hands too much for them to be so awkward. .
    20. Would you rather own a hamster the size of a rhino or a rhino the size of a hamster? 
      1. Hamster size rhino obvi
    21. Would you rather be able to speak to all animals or all humans?
      1. All animals, I feel they might have more to teach us. 
    22. Would you rather orgasm every time “all-star’ by smashmouth comes on, or have “all-star’ by smashmouth come on every time you orgasm?
      1. Definitely the first one. Bonus orgasms. 
    23. Would you rather be able to tell your past self one thing or be able to ask your future self one question?
      1. Ask my future self how to get super dang rich so I can have the power to dramatically upset the establishment and shift the power in America back toward the people. 
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